Why UC San Diego?

  1. Personalized Advising – One-on-one advising to ensure your performance and application portfolio are as strong as possible. Each advisor is a UC San Diego School of Medicine faculty member with extensive admissions committee experience.
  2. Foundational Coursework – Upper-division Biological Sciences courses help you prove that you can excel in a rigorous and scientific environment. Advisors from the UC San Diego School of Medicine have specifically recommended the coursework.
  3. Integrated Curriculum - Cohort-specific courses enhance your understanding of Biological Sciences classes while integrating key medical concepts.
  4. Letter of Recommendation – When you earn a 3.5 GPA or better in the program, your advisors, instructors, and the program director provide you with a combined letter of recommendation.
  5. Academic and Peer Support – Office hours with faculty members and group tutoring reinforce your efforts to learn. Support and camaraderie define the cohort's culture as students live, work, and play together.
  6. Medical School Experience — Classes on the School of Medicine campus, along with medical student mentors, make this the next best thing to medical school academic life.
  7. Skill-building – Over a dozen workshops help you prepare for medical school. Topics include application strategies, personal statement writing, mock MMI's, instruction on traditional interview skills, and finding the medical school that's right for you.
  8. MCAT Preparation – Online and in-person courses, as well as intensive study sessions called “bootcamps,” help you meet the demands of the MCAT.