Our students are the heart of the UCSD Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program. Advisors, faculty and staff go out of their way to ensure a comfortable transition into the program, successful growth during the program and a productive gap year. But don't take our word for it. See what our students themselves have to say.

Michael McCreery

“The UCSD post-bacc program provided an environment that allowed me to build a close network of friends. The program encouraged us to study in groups and ask one another for help. During my undergrad years, I would only study by myself and not ask others for help. After this program, I became very comfortable studying in groups and I realized this type of studying helped me learn the material much better. In addition, I know these study skills I learned will be very helpful in medical school. As a cohort in general, all 29 of us really got along and developed great bonds. At the end of the program, I felt like I made 28 new friends that I can reach out to whenever I have questions or need support.”

Gerardo Lopez

“I was really excited to move to San Diego. I looked forward to visiting all the exciting places I had heard about from friends. With the help of my classmates I was able to get out and enjoy all the wonderful things San Diego has to offer. Places like Balboa Park, Sunset Cliffs, and Mt. Soledad are great spots to go to any day in San Diego. When I started volunteering at a community clinic, I saw the great work that doctors were doing to serve the diverse population of San Diego. Seeing the positive impact that physicians like Dr. Rodney Hood were having in the community inspired me to one day serve in a community like the one in the eastern county. Overall my experience in SD during the post-bacc year was rewarding and I would definitely encourage all students to come experience it themselves.”

Sarah Watler

“Being in a small cohort of individuals who are all working toward the same goal fosters an environment of support and enables success through studying together, sharing materials, and being a safe space within a premedical environment that can often feel poisonous and disheartening. This same cohort of people also becomes a social outlet and a group with which to explore the San Diego area. One of the most difficult parts of the premedical journey is feeling alone in a sea of students that are all attempting to navigate an extremely competitive process. The Post Bac program builds a community through faculty members, advisors, and students that have one another to look to for help, guidance, and strength in order to achieve the best possible results.”

Ian Simpson-Shelton

“As a Post-Bacc student I discovered that young men and women with a common interest often find ways to revolve around one another. As a cohort we were extremely close and due to the small size of the class we were able to benefit from one another both in and outside of the classroom. We constructed our own study and review sessions, on top of countless hours of team based learning exercises. And, to say the least I have truly benefitted from the close nature of our class. As I progress through the application process, the importance of teamwork within the medical field has only become more evident. I found myself answering multiple questions regarding teamwork in the hospital setting. I enjoyed our close knit nature and I can only pray that I will encounter the same experience during school in the fall.”

Kiana Choo

“The campus at UCSD and the overall community of San Diego resembles my hometown of Hawaii due to its warm and friendly atmosphere, which made it easy to adjust to the area. I enjoyed shadowing at the UCSD Neurology Clinic as well as volunteering at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla. I was surprised by the friendships I made with students outside the post baccalaureate program while volunteering and taking classes with the undergraduate students at UCSD. The easy access to the mall, various restaurants and safe areas to work out made it easy to balance school with enjoying the San Diego area despite not having a car.”