Program Overview

The UC San Diego Post Baccalaureate Premedical Program Learning Community

A small cohort is accepted to the UC San Diego Post Baccalaureate Premedical Program each year. This fosters a personal, comprehensive learning community that will support individual efforts to succeed academically, prepare for and take the MCAT, and develop medical school application portfolios.

Students will have the advantage of the world renown health sciences resources of the UC San Diego School of Medicine, the 47-year experience of UC San Diego Extension (one of the premier continuing education organizations in the country), and the larger UC San Diego community.

Our Personalized Approach

The combination of a learning community, personal advising, and the resources of UC San Diego School of Medicine and UC San Diego Extension set the stage for a year of intensive education where students are provided a personalized approach to their medical school objectives. Advisors know the background, experience and specific objectives of each student; all students who are admitted to the Program have been personally interviewed prior to acceptance to ensure their reasons for being in the program, and chances for success, are congruent with the program goals. A cohort of no more than 30 students ensures individual student progress is tracked and monitored carefully and continually throughout the year.

Students who successfully complete the entire program (earning a 3.5 or better gpa) will receive a detailed letter of recommendation to delineate relevant history, personal/scholastic accomplishments, and overall performance in the UC San Diego Post Baccalaureate Premedical Program. Letters are submitted to all medical schools to which students return a secondary application. However, this letter cannot be provided to those who do not complete the program or who do not complete it successfully.

Tutoring will be available to reinforce the knowledge gained through the Biological Science courses.

Workshops and seminars on current issues in healthcare are offered to all students in an effort to provide a substantive understanding of the critical topics facing medicine. This prepares students to speak from a position of knowledge and experience during interviews. Students will continue to build on their writing skills, particularly as applied to personal statements needed for medical school applications.

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