MCAT Preparation

The UC San Diego Post Baccalaureate Premedical Program provides students with preparation for the new MCAT, which was revised and implemented in 2015. Preparation in prior years has included an option for either in-class or online MCAT prep, depending on the learning style of the student. The student, in concert with their advisor, determines the best approach for themselves, and the program makes arrangements for that preparation accordingly. Students do not need to have prior MCAT scores coming into the program. Instructors for the MCAT prep are drawn from private preparation companies, and they have specialized knowledge of the subject matter, test taking strategies, and modern pedagogical techniques. One-on-one MCAT tutoring is also available.

Students in the cohort are encouraged to take the MCAT on the same date so that if appropriate they can arrange to study and take practice tests together. In addition, keeping to the same MCAT schedule ensures that students are able to participate in spring quarter medical school preparation workshops.

Although the MCAT will not include a writing sample beginning in 2015, it is important that all students maintain their ability to clearly articulate their interest in medicine, both orally and in writing. Building skills and knowledge step-by-step through the programs learning community will bolster participants' applications as well as their ability to succeed in medical school.